Condolence & Memory Journal

I just learned of her passing today, a year after the fact. I'm stunned. Though we know a lot of the same people and have traveled in similar professional circles -- with my having been away and on a sabbatical from work in Addiction & Recovery, Wellness, Education, Healthcare, and Human Services -- I somehow hadn't heard of this until now. Anyway, for some reason, she was on my mind today so I fired-up google to see what she'd been up to and learned about this. One reason this was confusing, beyond not having heard about it, was that I last saw Kat alive and well and at a workshop she was teaching in Quincy at the Recovery Center to young Addiction & Recovery Professionals in the last year or so before her passing. It had been a number of years since I had seen her. She spoke of her work and how her eldest son had just had a child of his own and made her a grandmother. This made her very pleased and proud. Considering the many internal/external obstacles that she had to work through in her life to become everything she became and do all that she did, I think her own family doing so well and thriving was a source of great joy and special pride to her. We agreed on the Disease Model of Addiction and importance of Comprehensive + Collaborative Systems but there were other areas we saw things very differently and where we proceeded differently as Managers and Teachers and Clinicians. However, we always had great respect for one another's style and goal of helping people to regain and rebuild themselves and their lives. Kat always gave me considerable space to try out new approaches and ideas. She was without question one of my most important Teachers and Mentors. Kat could be tough with Clients and Subordinates sometimes but her intent was always good. However, I'm willing to bet she was harder on herself than she was on anyone else and much harder on herself than she should have been. I'm sad she's gone, too soon, but grateful she left happy/successful.

Posted by Alexander Dukas - Quincy, MA - Coworker   April 10, 2019

I am a bereaved mom. I know Kat's birthday and first anniversary of her passing is coming up. I remember how hard that was for me. I sending my prayers and thoughts to you and your family! Much Love like Kat would say! She was a amazing woman! She was my supervisor.

Posted by Ellen C - Brockton, MA   April 02, 2019

Kay, I just learned from Charlie today that you are gone and now an Angel. I always had theutmost respect for you and the way you treatedvyoue employees, clients, everyone. I hope you took a small piece of that heaven on earth in the mountains with you. This truly saddens my soul beyond words. God bless you and your family and THANK YOU for being the wonderful soul you were.

Posted by Julie Carlson - New Bedford, MA - Coworker   June 25, 2018


Kat was a bright shining light and worked hard to help others. I will miss her! RIP, Kat.

Posted by Deb Putnam - Boston, MA - Coworker   June 12, 2018

May you rest in Peace Kat. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting you, I feel like I know you ! My Son, Derek spoke very highly of you. I obv cannot thank you enough for all you did for my Son, while he worked for you. Also, thank you for supporting my Son and the incredible reference you gave about him during your final days. You are an incredible woman whom will be missed terribly by my Son. God Bless You Kat as I know you will be watching over my Son through Eternity. Sincerely, Carol

Posted by Carol Nunes - Braintree, MA - Family Friend   April 23, 2018

So sorry to hear about Kat. She was such a kind amazing woman.She always talked about her family and the love she had for them. Rest in peace Kat

Posted by Darcy Beals - Bridgewater, MA - Coworker   April 23, 2018

So sorry to hear about Kat. She was such a kind amazing woman.She always talked about her family and the love she had for them. Rest in peace Kat

Posted by Darcy Beals - Bridgewater, MA - Coworker   April 19, 2018


Posted by The FRATS FRAT ANTONIO - MA - Friend   April 14, 2018


Posted by FRAT ANTONIO - MA - Friend   April 14, 2018


Eddie And I are deeply shocked and saddened to hear that Kat passed away. Kat was a great neighbor and long time friend. She will be missed. We send our love and deepest condolences to Pat, Mathew, Patrick and Family.

Posted by Vallerie Johnson - Brockton, MA - Friend   April 14, 2018

I will always remember Kat for her love of family and dedication to her work. Shared many laughs with Kat on the job. My deepest condolences to family. Rest in Peace Kat.

Your friend and former co-worker.

Posted by Paula McDonald - Weymouth, MA - Friend   April 14, 2018

dear pat, i am very sorry for your loss.... love, cindy

Posted by cindy performing goldberg (tino) goldberg - easton, MA - Acquaintance   April 14, 2018

My heart Aches,sending my love to those who Kat loved dearly. She was such a force,FULL of love and compassion. She touched so many lives,her spirit and teachings will live on through us. That is the type of impact she had in this world. The heavens are lucky to have such an angel. I love you Kat.

Posted by Nicole Day - MA - Friend   April 14, 2018


Deepest Condolences to her Family....RIP KAT...!!!
You helped many lives in your time here on now you will rest with all the Angel's in soaring spirit...!!!

Posted by Brenda Lee Alves - Fall River, MA   April 13, 2018

Posted by Eddie & Vallerie Johnson - Brockton, MA   April 13, 2018


My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time. I'm sorry for your loss. R.I.P. Kathy

Posted by Kathleen Madden    April 13, 2018

Posted by Edward & Vallerie Johnson - Brockton, MA   April 13, 2018

Posted by Eddie & Vallerie Johnson - Brockton, MA   April 13, 2018


My sincerest sympathies to Pat and the family

When there were periods of crisis Kat stood by me
When there were times of happiness Kat laughed with me
When there were events of sorry in my life Kat comforted me
Dearest Kat I will miss you forever
Thanks for everything you did for me
With deepest heartfelt saddness your friend Arlene

Posted by Arlene Small - Quincy, MA - Friend   April 13, 2018

I did not have much interaction with Kat at work, but when I did, it was always a pleasant experience. She was upbeat, professional, and her enthusiasm carried the day. High Point was fortunate to call her an employee. My deepest condolences to her family.

Posted by Kathy Norris - Coworker   April 13, 2018


May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived. During this most difficult time I still find myself laughing at so many of our good times together from the birth of Matthew, the Cher concerts, losing your keys at the mall, how we got lost when you first moved to Brockton, - I could go on and on but one thing I promise is you will forever be in my heart & never forgotten - Go sing with the other Angels my forever friend - Love you always ❤

Posted by Liz Farrell - South Boston, MA - friend   April 13, 2018

As I read these condolences, my heart aches and goes out to Patrick, his family and their friends...Sudden loss can bring on major grief, heartache and a whole range of emotions. But we must try to stay the path and move forward and think about the good times they say...They say God has a plan and there must be a reason..... Well I believe this to be true. Our faith helps us work through the grief and heal our broken hearts in time of loss...Mr. Patrick, Katt is up their right now looking down no what she is saying...I don't have to say it...
It involves a piece of land..a cabin...and a little trailer called Noni's Nook. YOU made her dreams come true. I have nice little reminders of that on my phone as she sent me video clips of the very first time you went up...Right up to the last... YOUR angel will always be by your side. I hope you can find some comfort in that. And you no where she loves to hang out. So when your ready...I'm ready... to hang out with my newly aquired little baby angel Pia and Katt.... I think they might be hanging out in that Nook....You let me know when...We got a roof to finish... God has a plan and there is a reason trust me....We didn't meet by chance. No way...I will elaborate much more on this when we get up their...You see Katt is now my Angel too now...And you guys came into my life for a reason...I will tell you all about it in the Nook.. It's quite remarkable..
I love ya bud.

Posted by Thomas Barnard - Massachussetts, MA   April 13, 2018

Kat....for all the beauty and confidence you brought into my life....I will take that with me for the rest of my days.....May your beauty shine on in all you have touched....Bruce

Posted by Bruce B    April 13, 2018

I was in shock when Brenda called and told me. We were neighbors, and my daughters Cheryl and Lisa were your friends. May you rest in peace. My heart goes out to your husband, and you sons. There were alot of good memories on Davis Road. God bless you. Mike and Adele Turnbull

Posted by Adele Turnbull - Shirley, MA - Neighbor   April 12, 2018

my love for you will endure forever! I chose "family" for relationship because that's what you were to me ~ My Sister on this Journey called Life! My extended family one of my many gifts from God; who understand identify and love unconditionally.

"God's loving grace becomes our most cherished favor" said KatM #powerhouse
To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord! Well done my good and faithful servant!! Can't wait to hear those words too! So long beautiful; although my heart is heavy however only for a moment while you take your place down deep in my soul! #grateful

Rest On Soar High my girl and i'm so happy that you have been chosen to watch over me here and now from above! Much Love n Respect ~ Until We Meet Again (((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))))))))

Posted by Geraldine G - Snellville, GA - Family   April 12, 2018

My heart breaks for her husband Patrick,, sons Matt and Patrick, and her family and friends. She may have been taken much too soon, but God needed another guardian angel to watch over her loves. May you rest in peace . Judy Ruxton: Sister -in-law

Posted by Judy Ruxton - Taunton, MA - Family   April 12, 2018

Shocked to hear of Kat's passing. She was doing much needed work with ARCH. To all her familt and friends, I hope memories comfort and heal you. Katie Daly, BATC Detox

Posted by A friend   April 12, 2018

So shocked and dismayed to hear of Kat's Passing. I ran into her awhile back and she said she had pneumonia. I told her to get plenty of rest and hoped to see her around HPTC . Always happy to see her and knew she was doing great work for ARCH. God bless her family and friends with comforting memories to heal the pain of her loss. Katie Daly, BATC Detox

Posted by A friend   April 12, 2018

Kat touched everyone that knew her.
Kat's spiritual guidance and inspiration will stay with us all forever.

My deepest condolences.
Julie Whitaker
Brockton, MA

Posted by A friend   April 12, 2018

To my Bride, You were my light in the darkness, my bright Star in the night sky, my Laughter when I was sad... You were my Champion... I'll Love & Miss you forever... Thankyou for being my Bride...
Love Your Husband...

Posted by Patrick Michel - Brockton, MA   April 12, 2018

I was very sorry hear loss of kathy my prayer your family

Posted by Anna silva - exeter, NH - family   April 12, 2018


Billy, Brenda, Ronnie, Mary and Family,

I was very sorry to hear of the loss of Kathy. My condolences to you all.

Posted by Cheryl Mason - Watertown, MA - Friend   April 11, 2018

Pat, Matt & Packy,
I will carry Kat's loving spirit with me forever.
Condolences along with prayers of peace, love and respect to your family.

Posted by Lynn (Woods) Hall - Fitchburg, MA - Friend   April 11, 2018

Love you more ♡ Kat going to miss you! Heaven got another angel, fly high Baby Girl ♡♡♡

Posted by Jama Chaprales - Chelsea, MA - Family Friend   April 11, 2018

My Dear Kat, you were a beautiful spirit who loved boldly. Your heart for others that came into your path was a heart filled with love. You didn't judge, you gave your all to help those around you to be better people. God called you home and for many it was too soon. You will be missed but never forgotten. You served well and made a major impact on the lives you touched. My prayers are with Pat and the rest of your family and friends.

Posted by Larry Hunt - Ocala, FL - Friend   April 11, 2018

Sorry for your loss. Kathy was a strong women. We have good memories of Davis Road when we lived next door to each other.

Posted by Mary jabe Wiley - Belmont, MA - Friend   April 11, 2018

I'm truely going to miss you my crazy Kat
Love your butterfly

Posted by Jamie Dodge - Friend   April 11, 2018

Kat will be missed. I know she loved all you very much. I am so sorry for your loss! My prayers and thoughts are with you!

Posted by M. Crompton - Brockton, MA - Coworker   April 11, 2018

Pat and family we are so shocked and sorry for your loss

Posted by Claire Kilawee-Corsini - Easton, MA - Friend   April 11, 2018

You were such an inspiration. ❤

Posted by Laurie Phillips - Middleboro, MA - Coworker   April 11, 2018

Our thoughts and prayers are with u all

Posted by Christy Verburgt - Family   April 11, 2018

Our sincere condolences to you Pat, and to Packy and Matty. We are devastated at this unexpected loss. We love you guys, and are here for you.

Posted by Bill and Trisha Tinker - Gilbertville, MA - Brother   April 11, 2018

Rest easy Beautiful. I will miss our conversations, until we meet again. My condolences to the family.

Posted by Rayann Batchelder - Brockton, MA - Coworker   April 11, 2018

Oh my Lord!! I can't accept this. Sometimes we just think that somebody is going to be with us forever. And although she is not here she will be with me forever. I will miss her so much. She was the best and most interesting woman that I've ever met. She definitely touched my life in a positive way. I'm so proud and so fortunate to have met her. Heaven couldn't have received a better angel.

Posted by Beth Gonsalves - brockton, MA - Student   April 11, 2018

The last few days have been sad and trying to make sense of things that just don't make sense at all.
God needed you more than we did, I will help your friends get through this most difficult time and pray for healing.
Thank you for always having a hug and a big smile for me.
You will be missed.......xxoo

Posted by Catherine Connearney - Somerset, MA - Friend   April 11, 2018

My thoughts and prayers for your family. You are a wonderful soul fly high.

Posted by Pat Matthews - Friend   April 11, 2018

SHE WAS A WONDERFUL WOMAN,who I loved and respected

Posted by Lareek Anderson - Boston, MA - Friend   April 11, 2018

Condolences to Pat and family

Posted by Judy Springer-Gallagher - Randolph, MA - Friend   April 11, 2018

To the Tinker Family,
Billy, Ronnie, Brenda and Mary, Dom and I are soooo saddened with the loss of your beautiful sister Kat. She had a smile that would light the darkest room. She was such a beautiful soul and angel on earth. Our memories Kathleen from when she was a little girl will forever be in our hearts and minds as long as Dom and I are on earth. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this most difficult time.

Posted by Dom and Rose DeSalvatore - Waltham, MA - Family Friend   April 11, 2018


Pat, our sincerest condolences on the loss of Kat. We have known Kat since she was little. Her dad Ron worked with my husband for many years. We had you both over our house in Waltham for pizza after the loss of Jamie. We are still reeling from the shock of all this. Kat was one in a million and God needed another angel just like she was here on this earth.
We would never have missed her service but unfortunately we are in Florida and won't be back until May 5th.
Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Love you more, Dom and Rose

Posted by Dom and Rose DeSalvatore - Waltham, MA - Family Friend   April 11, 2018

How we used to hang out at your house cuz and always want to sleep over at Nanny Tinkers house, she would bring us to Downtown Crossing, to rub the stones at the graveyard. I love you cuz, give Nanny a big hug and kiss for me.

Posted by sara vasconcellos - woburn, MA - Family   April 11, 2018

Pat my deepest condolences for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Posted by Linda Geraigery - Weymouth, MA - Friend   April 11, 2018

My dear sweet girl. We are going to miss you so much.Remembering all the wonderful times we had together. We will miss your laughter and your beautiful smile. You will be forever in our hearts.

Posted by Aunt Paula & Uncle Bunky Tinker - Trescott, ME - Family   April 11, 2018

My hear goes out to your family and all your friends, keeping you all in my prayers. Gone to soon, your star shines bright. Such a loving and understanding woman never judging, giving hope where it was needed. I will miss you. Rest easy my friend. RIP

Posted by Reneé Percy - Woburn, MA - Friend   April 11, 2018

Miss Kat, No one "got" me like you did! Your passion and love for life was powerful. I can't thank you enough. Ever. "Woop- There it is!" Soar high my friend. Love, Your Champion

Posted by Rene Brown - Friend   April 11, 2018

We started this journey together my friend, 1 day apart, (you never let me 4get you were a day ahead) slept head to foot on Billy D's couch, just trying to get another 24. I'm heartbroken, and at the same time my heart is full with memories of you. I will watch for your footsteps. May the love you gave carry all those who grieve, thoughts and prayers to all <3>

Posted by Corinne Brisbois - MA - Friend   April 11, 2018

Will always have you in my heart( I remember the night me n you(in your flowered longhorns& me in mine climbed out on the roof of dads rm( uncle Kenneth&Barbara)looking
at those stars,telling secrets and being daring. .love boo

Posted by Kendra Tinker - Hyannis, MA - Family   April 10, 2018

I am so sorry for your tragic loss. Kat was an amazing woman who helped so many, but most of all, she loved her family so very much

Posted by Stephanie Freedman - Weymouth, MA - Friend   April 10, 2018


Kat was a beautiful spirit. She helped so many lost souls. She taught me a lot in the short time I knew her. She was loved and she'll be missed. God Bless her family, to whom she was so clearly devoted.

Posted by Ken Feldstein - Duxbury, MA - Coworker   April 10, 2018

Pat my deepest condolences to you, your sons & your entire family. I can't even imagine what your going through. I love you more ♥

Posted by DonnaJean Kelly - Port Charlotte, FL - Friend   April 10, 2018


Never in my life have I met anyone like you Kat. It has been my joy to be a friend, a colleague, part of your sisterhood...and one of your biggest fans. To hear of the stories of building in know of your compassion for those who hear of your love for your family...and to see the light in your eyes at being a Grandmother.
Working alongside you years ago, when you would teach my students about the pain of Addiction...I too, would learn from you in your kind and unassuming manner. You had a palpable presence that radiated wisdom and kindness.
It was my privilege to nominate you and then present you with the Counselor of the Year Award last year at CASA Day...and to see you accept such a distinguished award with grace and humility was a testimony to who you are and your spirit of humanity.
All of us will miss your presence and light in our lives. There will be a time when the Universe joins us all once again. But for now, we continue in the noble work we shared with you. And for those of us among whom who you walked...we will honor your spirit as we reach a hand out to those who yet continue to suffer. And as we offer hope in any way we can...we will remember the woman who always greeted us with M'love... And left us with"Love you more!".
Bless us Kat from the stars above. And every now and then...shine a star so we know you hear us.
Love you more!
Donna M. White

Posted by Donna M. White - Boston, MA - Friend   April 10, 2018


I am so heartbroken Kat for your passing . I love you more my cousin and I am so proud of what you have become. You always brought us laughter and sunshine everywhere you went. I love you to the moon and back. Love you my butterfly fly high into the sky my dear cousin.

Posted by Tania Garey - Epping, NH - Family   April 10, 2018

You left us too soon, Kat...but our Lord needed you. You were so special to me and I will always cherish my memories of us. Please give Billy, Bobby and Jack a hug from me, and save me a seat at the table. I love you more...always ❤

Posted by Patty Mason - Newton, MA - Friend   April 10, 2018